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Murder in the Meadows

After 10 years gone, Katelyn Took returns home in 1974 to find the grandmother who raised her has been killed in the farm meadow. The will leaving Katelyn ownership of the now dilapidated farm includes a stipulation regarding seventeen cats, and a confused old woman living in the farmhouse. Katelyn doesn't want to stay, but the longer she does, the more drawn into finding Gram's killer she becomes.

The anger she felt towards Gram fades, replaced by grief and loss. Katelyn takes a temporary job working beside Grandpa's friend. She develops a romantic interest in the Deputy Sheriff, and just when she decides it doesn't matter, she's leaving town, a stalker makes her a target. The need to run is replaced with by steel backbone that won't let what is hers be yanked away.

Is she going to stay? Continue her new romance? What about old friends who are new again and rallying around her? What price is she willing to pay to be a big city girl?

Stay tuned for the release of DonnaRae Menard's book, Murder In The Meadows, out June 2021

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