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Paperback – February 29, 2024

At 2:30A.M. Lynn Steeves caught the quick shine of light on the far side of Taylor Park. She was sure it was nothing, but later the news of a body dump in the fountain reached her. Forty-eight hours later, she walked among the Victorian homes left by the railroad barons and circles the burnout of one of the great houses. On the far side is a woman in a beautiful Christmas dress, an oddity for late June, but then the woman was dead. That too, was an oddity.
Chief Koone has two murders and only one suspect, Lynn Steeves. Her killing doesn't track, but her being first on scene for two murders can't be overlooked. Steeves knew the homeless man, but professes ignorance of the woman. Koone locks his eagle eyes on her. He's adding to her stress. Steeves is in the center of a custody battle, already has somebody trying to take her job, a young employee who is being abused, and now a friend from her bank is whispering that somebody might be killing to rob. Is the homeless guy connected? What about the woman in the scarlet dress? Koone appears to be following Steeves hoping she'll slip up. If he's not going to look for the real killer, then Steeves is going to have to. Suddenly it's too late back away. The murderer is dragging her through the garden away from safety. Ask yourself Lynn Steeves, is it your turn to die?

Beneath The Fountain: Lynn Steeves Series

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