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My pepere always said that if trouble fell from the sky it would land on me, and it happened. I, Gwen Hanson, country girl turned city woman, now divorced and looking for a space right in the middle, am deep in the middle of the proverbial cow flop. Accepting an invitation to the Mystery Lovers Police Academy, I expect to learn a little bit about police procedure, participate in a staged mystery, and maybe meet some dark and handsome new man. Instead I end up discovering a body hidden in plain sight. A friend needs my help, yet every move makes the police look harder at me as a suspect. There's more than meets the eye here, and now that I'm being harassed. I don't understand why and I need to know. My gay and eccentric friend Phoebe follows me like a lost puppy, while Gina, whose husband is a retired detective, tries to herd us toward safety. Who's going to win, and more importantly am I going to fitted for an outfit with horizontal stripes? What are the chances something else is going to drop from the sky right on top of me?

Dropped From the Sky - A Gwen Hanson Mystery - Book 1

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