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Jane Cummings ran afowl of the law. Her dad decided to clip her wings by getting her a job far enough away so she can't fly home. Now, she's living in the sticks, in a mobile home twenty years older than she is. She has a bike, AA meetings, a probation officer, and a job at a chicken processing plant. The other workers are older Korean ladies. They call her Nappeun Yeoja, bad girl. It can't get worse. Then a body surfaces in the gut vat. While she's trying to save her own tail feathers, she learns the other ladies have even more to fear. Raising her voice for the rights of all produces somebody who doesn't share her views. Then Cummings realizes the next cage she's going to be handling is going to have her inside. Will her squawking wake someone up? Or is she also going to get processed?

It Takes Guts - Short Story

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