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A foreign born orphan child, Rhys, is presented to the Warlord Most High as tribute. Her people are savages exhibiting fearful traits. It is the Warlord's plan to train Rhys as a child gladiator for his blood sport. But the wizard living in the castle believes Rhys has a different destiny. Custom dictates every man standalone and call forth a dragon. Only such a pair can rule. The Warlord's dragon is the most vicious ever seen. Never has a girl been granted such a prize.

   Through trickery, the wizard takes Rhys from the Warlord. She daydreams of a kind dragon. Suddenly, one appears. Rhys tries to hide it but uncovers another secret. The Warlord has a son born without the use of his legs, whom he ordered destroyed. The wizard hid the boy, but now, as a man, PETETRICH seeks revenge. Rhys and her dragon befriend Petetrich. But when the day comes that battle will ensue, who will face the Warlord? And who man, girl or cripple will win?

The Waif And The Warlord

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