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In the year 912, Wu-Lee was born the daughter of a powerful Chinese magistrate. Four years later, her life changed when a roving band of Mongolian raiders annihilated her family.

Saved by her nursemaid, she grew to womanhood hides as a slave in a neighboring village. Only one person knew her secret. Then life twisted again. The raiders returned looking for a princess to answer a dead chieftain’s vision. Wu-Lee’s secret was offered to the raiders in exchange for the secret holder’s life.

The raiders took Wu-Lee north. Three on the barren Steppes, alienated from her captors and impregnated by their ruthless leader, she grew strong and wise while protecting her child and herself. In time, she saw the way to escape, but could she create a ruse that would take her back to China and save her and her son?

Wu-Lee - Woman Warrior Series

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