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My writing career began in the seventh grade where I was a country kid in a city school. I took to writing disparaging descriptions of other students in self-defense. Unfortunately when I got caught writing during class, I had to stand up and read my notes aloud. That was also the start of my training for the one hundred yard dash in track and field. As time went on I had diaries, journals, two tiny columns in small town newspapers, and wrote competition pieces for Toastmaster's International. I also had boxes under my bed filled with novels finished and not.

On April 28, 2008, I was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous carcinoma. My prognosis was bleak. I fought back, and won. In 2010, I decided I was going to write and be published. Not just self-published but by a real publishing house. I kept writing, took classes, went to seminars, book signings, readings, and conventions. Anywhere I might meet someone with experience. At Crimebake 2019, I met Harriette Sackler and Bruce Coffin. One offered me professional advice, the other the promise to meet me at the top. I went back to work, this time treating writing like employment, not a hobby.

I live just outside of town in the type of place where people feel free to drop off cats, kittens, cages of gerbils or white rats, and even the occasional farm animal. I have a swinging door for those that need. We talk, eat, laugh, and all the while, I type.


My Books

Murder In The Meadows

June 2021

Stay tuned for the release of DonnaRae Menard's book, Murder In The Meadows, out June 2021


Early 2022

RHYS is a foreign born orphan child presented to KING JURAN, Warlord Most High as a tribute. Her people were known as savages and Rhys exhibits fearful traits. Juran plans to train Rhys as a child gladiator for his blood sport. FERDINAND, the wizard and his small household believe Rhys has a different destiny. Rhys ignores Ferdinand's advice and wages a private battle against the king and his vicious dragon. Custom dictates every man standalone and call forth a dragon. Only a man with a dragon can be a king. Never has a girl been granted.

Murder On The Ridge

June 2022

Stay tuned for the release of DonnaRae Menard's second book, Murder On The Ridge, out June 2022

Willa the Wisp

Willa is a wisp, a tiny child ghost who sits in the forest watching the children play and wishing for a friend. When another little girl with a generous heart and an open mind becomes her friend, Willa is ecstatic. While they play, Willa's friend gets hurt and Willa needs to make the adults, who don't believe she exists, come to help. Can she do it? Can Willa make grown up people believe?

Murder In The Orchard

June 2023

Stay tuned for the release of DonnaRae Menard's third book, Murder In The Orchard, out June 2023


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